It is possible to calculate a percentage

  • for whole or partial period
  • for some or all identifier

by bringing it to a round figure. Most important usage: Absence


Betroffene Tabellenbereiche

Frome -To
[Input] Start and end of the interval

Basic Data
[Input] This column will be used to calculate the absence rate. Values of this column will be brought to a round figure.

Queue column
[Input] Here you can choose identifier.
If a value is entered here, the identifier values will be listed below.

Day type column
[Input] Here you can enter Identifier. In the Call-Centedepartment Daytypes.

Column to copy
[Input] Which column should also be transferred to the result node.

Concrete period: Start of the period; End of the period
[Input] Should calculations only be done in this periode?


Globale absence rate
[Input] Value of the fundation for the calculation of the increased/decreased demand. e.g. 20.

Name of the resultcolumn
[Input] How should the column be called.
[Choice] absence rate over a period of time.

Absence rate over the time period
[Input] Here it is possible to narrow on specific periods.

Rounding: Yes/No

Threshold value for rounding
[Input] Which principals are used to round something up/down. e.g. :

  • 0,3
    • 4,33 → 5,0
    • 4,29 → 4,0
  •  0,7
    • 8,71 → 9
    • 8,56 → 8

[Input] Should only a specific identifier be calculate or should all be calculate (panel stays empty)

Precise time period: Yes/No

[Chocie] Start and End-Point of this time period


  • Be careful with with percentage calculations: e.g. 20% absence rate → 25% extra charge (Deviation: Percentage From <> Percentage to so it is not charged a second time)
  • By using the threshold value it is possible to change the threshold for rounding something up/down

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Columns of input table




Example for the absence rate

Starting point

[Input] to the data column should be added a extra amount.

Settings for the first use of the operator.



  • It was increased by 25% ((Warnung)), to have a buffer for a 20% absence rate
  • No Rounding

Settings for the second use of the operator.



  • Only identifier a was increased by 25%((Warnung)), B stays the same.
  • Rounding with 0,3


Nothing known up to now

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