Links a date column to a calendar (e.g. Holiday calendar).

Example: Link time data with calendar data for Holidays and annual work closing dates


The following data node

shall be linked with two calendar nodes.

1. Annual holidays:

2. Annual closing dates of the company:

Step 1


  • Create a new column with the column header 'Day type'.
  • If a date of column 'A From' falls on a holiday, the value in the new column is "Holiday".

Result 1

The calendar information is added to the time data above:

Step 2

Now add the calendar information about the closing dates:

Result 2

The calendar with the closing dates is integrated into the column C "Day type":

Please note: If a date is already attributed a calendar type (e.g. 1 January) this is not overwritten in step 2.
In the example above, "holiday" is entered for 1 January, "closing" is ignored.


Confluence Op Link to Calendar.gzip

Please note

  • Please carry out the Operation Scaling 7.0 before you link to the calendar. Otherwise a raster interval will be created per calendar day type.
  • XML definitions are available for a quick import of calendars.
  • Please check if day types shall be taken from the calendar (seldom) or if a certain denomination shall be used (e.g., "Holiday"). 
  • In addition to the public holiday calendar there are also some holiday calendars or macros for computing available. (Link in old wiki does not work any more)

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Links a date column to a calendar (e.g. Holiday calendar)

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Frequent Causes for Problems

  • Typos
  • No name for the result column


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