Bonus exercise:

Unit - Start

  • Importing SOLUTION: Training examples
  • Exporting Solutions
  • Add new data node
  • Naming of nodes (see Wiki: „TIS:Benennung_von_Knoten")
  • HTML-Formatting (Wiki: „TIS:HTML-Formatierung")
  • Conversions– why (Convert From Date/From-Time/To-Time)
  • Node references (create and change), hide, show, and change details  work with node A00
  • Add operations
  • Sum on days and weeks (Sum and count)
  • Chart „Histogram Time Pattern", formatting the chart
  • change time scale in chart
  • different sum interval in new node
  • Different sum rule (i.e. start time in interval)

Unit II

  • Get familiar with the data  data from A01
  • Scaling node working time
  • Pivot table time x weekdays
  • Chart „Histogram time pattern"
  • Set reference to node A00
  • Link to calendar
  • Pivot table time x weekdays
  • Deactivate / activate operations
  • Set reference to node A01
  • Analyse the new data (is it possible?)

Unit III

  • Create new folder B03, and new node B03_01
  • Data management on server / local installation
  • Data management on server & prepare import data (txt, csv)
  • ... Download a node into EXCEL, save a *.txt file on your desktop, upload it to data management & import it with import CSV operator
  • Understand the implications of zero-values, empty data fields, and value „0"
  • … Difference 0 & missing value.
  • … When you import data with the "Import CSV operator" there are different options to deal with missing values
  • Create new node B03_02
  • Connect with „General Calendar"
  • Scale data
  • Create new node B03_03
  • Scale data
  • Connect with „General calendar"
  • Find difference between B03_02 and B03_03
  • Explain the differences

Unit IV

  • Create new folder B04 and new node B04_01 – based on A01
  • Create new column with „General calendar" containing „year, calendar week"
  • Create new column with „General calendar" containing „weekday"
  • Create auxiliary calendar date with „Formula operator"
  • … System.DateTime.ParseExact("20080225","yyyyMMdd",null)
  • Create new node B04_02
  • „Formula operator (row-by-row)": write field with given value in calendar date format
  • „Formula operator (row-by-row)": extract part of a text field;
  • convert a number in text format into number format; add a given number of days to a field in calendar date format; „Formula operator (row-by-row)":
    add a given number of hours, minutes, and seconds to a field in calendar date format, create column „To_Aux" with „#From_Aux#.AddTicks((#To#-#From#).Ticks)"
  • Operator „Sort rows"
  • Operator „Delete columns"
  • Operator „Chart: 2D map (Start table list)
  • Rename, reorder and delete columns
  • Manage number of identifiers