• This operator exports a table of a data node into a CSV-file (Comma-Separated Values)
  • This operator requires that a file will be exported, which is created in file management.
  • Later you can download the file via file management.
  • Note: You do not need to recreate the operator every time you want to updated the file, you just need to recalculate the operator.

    • This operator does NOT write on the drive of the server
    • This operator writes in: TIS file management.


Which part of the Table is affected

Column(s) which should be exported. Select manually or by using the dialog on the right.

CSV-File Name
Name of the file in the file management. If the file does not exist you maybe have to upload an blankl file to the server

Column seperator
character used to separate columns in the CSV file.

Coulmn name in the first row
Should the name of the column used in TIS be written into the first row in the CSV file

Text delimiter
Should the text in the table be marked with a special character? Use this if the separator appears in the text, to avoid the wrong definition of columns


  • The file needs to be uploaded on the server first. See TIS- file management.

Want to learn more?


Exports the node result as a CSV file to the TIS file system. The existing file will be overwritten.




Export in CSV

Initial situation

Prepare for the export

Enter the values into the operator


  • The file needs to be uploaded on the server first. (it can be blank) See TIS- file management.




  • There is no file in the Data management in which should be exported.
  • The separator is poorly chosen.
  • Problem: I tried to upload a empty file (*.csv), and there is an error message: "Bitte wählen Sie einen gültigen Dateinamen (Pfad) aus." (German)
  • Solution: Write something into the dummy file, that should fix the problem.

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