There are a number of Portlets that facilitate administrative tasks.

These Portlets are only visible to TIS Board users with special rights. The role TISBOARDADMIN is required. See TIS Admin.

Access to Admin Portlets

Admin Portlets can be found in the folder structure for Portlets available in TIS Board and they can be added like other portlets:

TIS Board user list

TIS Board Users can be logged out by pressing the red cross.
NOTE: TIS Editor users are NOT shown in this list.

Admin Scripts for the Solution Runner

Admin Scripts can be used to configure the service run by the Solution Runner.

Workload of Server

To see the workload (CPU, Memory, …) of the server use the following Portlet

This allows for checking whether a task is finished and how the overall workload is.

Portlet Cache

Cached Data:

Admin Scripts

Stop Solution Runner

Active Solution Runners can be via the Admin Portlet "Project cache 1"


Project copies can be deleted via the Admin portlet "All project clones"

Stop Requests

Running requests can be deleted via the Admin portlet 'Open requests'

Cron Jobs

As of version 5.8.2 cron jobs can be created an stopped in the Cron Jobs Administration Portlet.

See also Setting up a cron job.