The TIS Board is a web-based what-you-see-is-what-you-get tool to display and edit data prepared by the TIS Editor

In order to use TIS Board, a user account is required (see TIS Admin for user and role administration). Users are granted rights according to which they can perform specific tasks such as to view pages, to edit pages, or to use administration portlets.

After login, the user's view on the TIS Board is displayed. It gives access to the Pages and Portlets this particular user can view or edit.

Portlets are the basic building blocks of a board. They facilitate the presentation and interaction with data from the TIS Editor in the form of (editable) graphs and grids, HTML text, or controllers. Portlets are presented on Pages, where each Page carries zero to many Portlets and a Portlet can be displayed on zero to many Pages.

The TIS Board runs a page in a view mode or an edit mode. Pages prepared in the edit mode can be distributed to other users, e.g., clients.

The following screenshot gives an overview on these elements.