Main Idea

While regular functions in the Formula Operator allow only calculations within the row, XIH functions enable calculations beyond.
These include:

  • calculations with other rows
  • setting values in other columns of the same or a different row
  • setting parameters
  • getting information about TIS Tables, the current data node and users


Most of the functions can be found in the XIMES Wiki (German):
A few other XIH functions are described below.

See also

Formula operator (row-by-row) (4.0) = Formeloperator 

TIS Table Info

Getting started

The name of TIS tables in the database is normally not the same as in TIS table directory. To get the database name you have to use the XIH function.


Create a data node without reference to another node. Add the operation "Create Table" with one column and one row. Header and input for this table are temporary and don't influence the operation itself.

Formula Operator

Add an operation to the node and choose formula operator with an Text as result column type.
The input for the TIS table information is:

XIH.TISTable("string TISTablePath", "string TISTableName") 


Additional possibilities

You can also get the information for one or more TIS tables

  • by using TIS Parameter for the path and/or table names.
  • or by using the operator "Read TIS Table information" as parent operation

Generating Passwords

Getting started

XIH allows generating random passwords with given parameters, such as length, necessary characters.


string XIH.Password(int length) 
string XIH.Password(int seed, string alphabet, int length) 
string XIH.Password(int seed, int length) 
string XIH.Password(int seed, string alphabet, int length)

length (int): length of the password

alphabet (string): characters that should be included in the password (eg: 123, abc, ABC, !"§, …)

seed (int): number that defines which password should be generated

Encryption and Decryption

Getting started

This function encrypts a text string. The result can be decrypted later again.


string XIH.Encrypt(string text) 
string XIH.Decrypt(string encryptedText)

Getting database info

Getting started

This XIH functions informs you, which database (Oracle, MSSQL, POSTGRES) is actually used by the system which again
helps you to properly build SQL statements in the formula operator that may be used Importing data from SQL sources 3.1 via Parameters


(XIH.DatabaseInfo).IndexOf("(ORA") > 0 ... Oracle
(XIH.DatabaseInfo).IndexOf("(PGSQL") > 0 ... PostgresSQL
otherwise it is MSSQL

Check Email Address

Getting started

This XIH functions checks whether an email address is formally correct.


bool XIH.IsValidEmail(string emailAddress)

User Name of Account User

Getting started

If a higher number of users get access to the [TIS]Board Account Users are generated. The normally get activated only if they are logged in to the [TIS]Board. If you need to find out the account user for a calculation this XIH function is essential.


string XIH.AccountId()


Note that you must omit the brackets in the Formula operator (row-by-row) (4.0) = Formeloperator: XIH.AccountId

Single-Sign-On Parameter

Getting started

In context of a single sign on (SSO) a list of parameter, value tuples are transferred.

Note that you must define a Logon-Event on the TIS-Board, which recalculates a data node using this function. Later the parameters are not available anymore. See also Event Handling with Portlets.


string XIH.GetLogOnParam(string name, string default_value)