As of Version 5.8.2 the TIS Designer is integrated into the TIS Board and is now the Portlet Designer

Activate the Designer

  1. Switch to the admin mode by pressing the button or by the shortcut Alt + Shift + A.
  2. Go to the Portlet Designer in the "More" button

Designer portlet header bar


The events button is only visible if events are defined.


Detailed information about the portlet and the datanode.


Opens the portlet in the Portlet-Designer.


Opens the portlet height dialog for modifying the user portlet's height.


Removes the portlet from page.

Portlet Designer

A new green tab opens with all the known features of the former TIS Designer

Direct Editing pro Portlet

The portlet can be directly opened from the Portlet itself.

Creating a new Portlet

Portlets can be created directly from a button click or by the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N:

Automatically Saving Portlets

Optional new portlets can be saved automatically.

  1. Select the user settings
  2. Select the option "store new portlets automatically" and select the path, where the portlets should be saved.
  3. When creating a new portlet and saving it, the portlet will be saved into the selected folder with a created portlet name.

Set as homepage

For setting a page as homepage of the active board use the context menu or see also Navigation Button