Project in TIS Editor

A project is a collection of connected data nodes in TIS Editor. See TIS Project.


A solution is a set of projects or a single project that aims at providing a complete functionality to users. E.g. the "Forecasting" Solution consists of several projects.

Portlet in TIS Board

A small window that can contain data, text, visualizations or allows for interaction and provides many useful features (e.g., updating, paging, …)
E.g. a Simple Grid Portlet

Page in TIS Board

A page is an element of TIS Board that contains zero or more portlets.

Pages are displayed and organized as tabs, similar to the tabs of a web browser. Note, that there is a limit on the number of opened pages (defined in the settings by the administrator).

Navigation tree – Explorer

in TIS Board

A part of TIS Board that allows for selection & management of pages and folders