Deletes selected rows of a table.

Example: Delete rows


Rows 1-8, 10, and 12 should be deleted from the following table:

Operation setting


Please note:

  • You can define independent sets of rows, e.g., 1-50, 500-520 ... rows 1 to 50, rows 500 to 520 are deleted.
  • You can define the last rows, e.g., B1-B50, B500-B520 ... deletes the last 50 rows and rows 500 to 520 counted from the end of the table.
  • You can mix both definitions, e.g., 2-B2 ... deletes everything except the first and last row.


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Deletes rows or parts of rows from the data table.

Columns of input table



Frequent cause


The wrong rows have been deleted.

Typing errors...

Check spelling

How do I find the data set causing the error?


a) Search for a certain term.

b) If this is not possible, try binary search:

  • delete the first half of the data sets (rows)
  • if the error is still there, it must be in the second half
  • if not, the error must be in the first half, and so on.

How do I delete the last data sets?


Elegant work-around:

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