The following example is based on the following Portlet opened in the [TIS]Designer.



This is the Portlet-Name that shows up in all Dialogs regarding saving, opening ad deleting portlets and Managing Portlets

provides information on where a Portlet refers to

It can be also seen on the right hand side of the [TIS]Designer window.

This is an informative text for users (e.g. what is the content of the data).
It can be changed on the right hand side in the [TIS]Designer.

Main Area

E.g. a table or a graph (depending on the Portlet chosen and on the data)

The selected column is highlighted. E.g.

Selection of columns with main Area

On the very right of column a dialog appears that allows for show/hide of columns.

Paging information and information on number of records.

When was the last time that data was fetched from the [TIS]Editor.

Export to Excel
Or Print

Update … fetch new data from the corresponding [TIS]Editor project.

Show or hide the legend of a graph.
NOTE: Legends can be moved around.

Version number of [TIS]Designer

You get the Version number of [TIS]Designer or the [TIS]Board with the shortcut

Please include this information if you find and submit a bug.