Description of options

Selection whether Portlets should be organized in 1, 2 or 3 columns.
NOTE: While the actual decision regarding the number of columns is made in [TIS]Board, setting the number of Portlet-columns in the [TIS]Designer helps in properly formatting the Portlet.


Allows for closing and opening sections of the [TIS]Designer.


  • Change Data source allows changes regarding the referenced project
  • Portlet name
  • Description of users – free text

  • Referenced project and node / or table

  • Refresh time for updating in seconds:
    • 0 … no automatic update
    • 300 … update every 300 seconds(if the referenced node is dirty it will recalculate)
  • Number of rows per page (only works with tables)
  • Height of the Portlet in pixel.
    NOTE Short Refresh time(s) cause a lot of update processes and should be used seldom.


Paging is not supported for portlet types:

  • Controller
  • EJSChart
  • EditableEJSChart
  • Html
  • Stimulsoft
  • FileUpload

Setting how changes of the column width should be treated.
Reasons for changes of the column width:

  • Different screen sizes (e.g. working with a projector)
  • Changing the number of columns to be used
  • Change of width of one column

  • ABSOLUTE: a change of screen size or of the width of another column does not influence the width of other columns.
  • RELATIVE: Changes of one column or screen size change the width of all others as 100% of the available space is used in the Portlet.

Formatting Columns

The corresponding column has to be selected either by selecting the column in the Portlet or with the column selection within the column properties section of the [TIS]Designer.Select the column you want to edit with the selection dialog:
Formatting options:

  • Formatting with the format painter (allows for reusing formats)
  • Caption
  • Formatting of numbers
  • Alignment & Text format
  • Width (Note: internally initialized with -1, which indicates "not defined". Once an explicit value is set, it will be persisted, even if the column is currently not visible/available)
  • Colours
  • Shall the column be hidden?

Format string




time formatting in 24 hours with leading 0


h:mm tt

time formatting in 12 hours with AM/PM

7:15 PM

In Grid portlets a line break for text strings is possible.

This option turns every second row grey.

Allows for conditional formatting

Show/hide Icons

As of version 5.8.2 the description and the icons can be hidden.