You have a set of many data with different variables. You want to make an easy solution where you can summarize and filter the data depending on one or several variables.
Example for the data:

Prepare everything in TIS-EditorStep 1

Create a table with one column for the variable and four columns of your ID (1-4). The columns with the variables will be the identifier of the (set of) variables (e.g. V1-V5). In the fields of ID1-4 you can now define the standard values. Place one or a combination of variables in the grid. Empty fields are being defined with a "*". Now make an Editable Grid out of it.

Prepare everything in TIS-EditorStep 2

Reimport your TIS-table again (Retrieve editable data table)

Prepare everything in TIS-EditorStep 3

Merge it with your data (Cartesian product) and calculate in the Formula Editor if the ID in the data matches with the defined variables. Then filter all relevant data.

Prepare everything in TIS-EditorStep 4

4. Scale your data according to your entered variables

Prepare everything in TIS-EditorStep 5

5. Match the variables with data and the definition grid from [TIS]Board (intersection). Bring the data to the TIS-Board again.

Prepare everything in TIS-EditorStep 6

6. Create a table where you define the caption of you ID columns. ID1 = …, ID2 = …

What you can do in the [TIS]BoardStep 1

You can see your standard data like you have defined in the [TIS]Board including a caption for the IDs.

What you can do in the [TIS]BoardStep 2

2. Change the parameters, save them and press the recalculate button

What you can do in the [TIS]BoardStep 3

3. After a few seconds you all the relevant information for the data you defined.