Description of options

Selection of Icon & properties

The icon and other properties can be selected, with the right mouse from the tree:

Or with right mouse from the tab. View (for open pages)

Properties of a single page

Select the page (either in the Navigation-tree explorer or via tab)
Adjust the layout of the page (Portlets are displayed as either 1, 2, or 3 columns.)
Change name and icon

Navigation-tree explorer

Pages and Folders can be renamed in the Navigation-tree explorer and moved up and down with (left, bottom of [TIS]Board with open Navigation tree).
Rearrangements can also be done with Drag & Drop.

Deleting pages

(left, bottom of [TIS]Board with open Navigation tree)
or right mouse-button.

Deleting Portlets

Click on the delete Sign

If the header of the Portlet is not visible, switch [TIS]Editor in "Edit-Mode" by clicking the (left, bottom of [TIS]Board with open Navigation tree).

Show & hide the Portlet names

Press the (left, bottom of [TIS]Board with open Navigation tree).

Layout of a Page

As of Version 5.8.2 the definition of layouts has improved.

  1. Go to the parametre of the page
  2. Switch to tab "Layout"
  3. Select the desired layout


Indivdual logos can be applied for each page.
Go to the page properties.

Select the logo which has been uploaded to the server. See also Setting a different Logo

Page Title

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