Be careful about the data type at import

Especially for columns that are used as keys in a Merge data 4.0 operation, be careful when importing them. If you use different data types (e.g., string, integer) for the same data you will have to come back and redo many nodes.
The same holds true for

  • different writing of numbers that are imported as text (e.g., 1,078.00 versus 1078.00).
  • different writing of Cases Use #name#.ToUpper() to transform it to Uppercase
  • blanks at the beginning or end of strings Use #name#.Trim() to remove them

Build checks nodes

Build additional check nodes whenever there is small chance of error.

  • Check for duplicate records
  • Check for missing records

Watch the number of rows of your data nodes

TIS Editor provides information on the number of rows (and columns) a data node has. This allows identifying drops of rows (e.g. a filter works stronger than expected). It also allows to identify and unintended increase of rows (e.g., data merge has not only unique values and causes and increase in the number of rows).

Use "deactivate" only temporarily

Deactivate is a feature of TIS Editor to deactivate operations within a node. As a general rule it causes error to use deactivate as feature outside of debugging, as it is hard to see whether a deactivation is intended or has been forgotten to switch back.