This operation reorders, renames and deletes columns.

Example: Change the name of the column "Data" to "Value".

Example: Rename columns


Operation settings

  • You get into the editing mode by clicking the icon Bearbeiten
  • You need to confirm changes by clicking the icon Übernehmen
  • Delete columns with the icon Löschen
  • You can change the order of columns (how they will be displayed in the result table) with the icons Nach unten und Nach oben

Please note: You can recover accidentally deleted rows by clicking on the icon "new row" on the bottom right.


TIS Project


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This operator renames and reorders columns.




Frequent Cause


General error messages

Error messages are often due to columns having been renamed in a preceding node and the current renaming process lacking reference.

Have a look at the individual columns and check whether the variable is available in the left column - if necessary delete rows or select correct column name.

"An Item with the same key has already been added"

This can happen if two columns have the same name, typically after data merging.

Workaround: delete one of the two columns with the operation Delete columns and then proceed with renaming / reordering / deleting columns.

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