With Resources it is possible to manage several languages in the [TIS]Board.
Resources can be set in the [TIS]Designer where the following symbol can be found:

Among them are:

  • Portlet name
  • Description
  • Footer
  • Portlet title
  • Column headings
  • Button texts (in control portlets)

Creating Resources

For creating a resource add a new line and define a key for the resource. Add the first language with ISO 639-1 code.
Examples for the code are: en for English, de for German, fr for French.
A full list can be found here:
Then fill in the text in the chosen language. Finally you can add a group to mark coherent inputs.
For adding a second language use the same key, the different language and the text.
With Import and Export the resources of one language can be exported and imported again.

Setting Resources for Portlets

Where ever a resource should be set, click the Resource button.

Then choose the resource that should be set. In the field the key of the resource in double square brackets.

Setting Resources for Pages

On [TIS]Board pages resources can be set in the pages properties for folder names, page names, page titles and descriptions.

Control Portlets

As of version 5.8.2 resources are available for control portlets.