Often you have users in different languages. TIS supports different languages in the BOARD

Switching End-User

 Users can select the language individually at TIS-Board by going to user setiing 

and switching to a languae that is suppprted.

Languages in TIS-Editor

Decide upon the development in TIS-Editor for the programmers and DONT change it afterwards.
Otherwise you might get diffiulties at many places (e.g. a formula operator expecting a FROM, but getting a VON ..)


Prepare for
languages in Board

  1. Decide for a default language for the interface when developing the board and naming columns and add resources.
    Keys written like his [[key]]tell the software to look up the text there.

  2. Use resources to provide different languages in the Board. You access the resource catalog from various places (were you see a few ...)
    to select one with a double click (or edit it by just typing). Editing is somehow easier (as a doubleclick allows to change the value) via
     / edit resoures from the menue.
  • Page: header and helpt text
  • Portlet header, help text ...
  • Folder properties
  • ...

  • in the portlet designer you see the reference
    In the resource editor



  • Save from time to time
  • make sure you do not accidantly select a key
  • Use the powerful copy and paste feature
  • For each key there should be only one default group value
  • F2 allows for easy editing in a cell of the resource file
  • It is possible to copy/paste single rows (from v5.11)
  • it is possible to copy/paste whole tables (from v5.11)

Languages for
parameter Caption
(with buttons)

In Parameters you refer to a ressource by writeing the Key in this way [[Key01]] in the caption field


In development mode you see 



In some cases

You may want to build strings or rename columns from the project side

To some degree this cone be done via XIH or HTML.Resources and  Changing Resources