Save, open, select, rename, reorder,
delete Portlets
e.g. with

This can be either done via the Portlet Manager, or directly in the Save As dialog

Please note the provision of additional information about the Portlet on the right hand side.
Rearrangements can be done with Drag & Drop.

Changing the reference
to a [TIS]Editor project

This can be done in [TIS]Designer by using the dialog on the right hand side of the [TIS]Designer.

By pressing this button, a dialog similar to the one used for generating a Portlet will appear.


Change portlets 

If you want to change a portlet, it normally influences all childrens too (e.g. if you use templates).
If you wand a different behavior just for new children (e.g. column width) use this feature in the portlet Designer