TIS Board supports the conditional formatting (e.g., application of color schemes, the use of symbols for specific values) of columns in a number of ways:

  1. Standard color schemes (e.g. traffic color lights)
  2. Generic color schemes

    This is possible in the Simple Grid and in the Editable Grid


The following example shows three standard color schemes:

  1. Traffic light (0=red)
  2. Traffic light (0=green)
  3. Coded Trend (01234)

Tips I

  • To see the original values add an additional column of data.
  • Conditional formatting can be combined.

Tips II

The operator Traffic lights helps you to define threshold values depending on the time of day & the day of week with up to 5 thresholds.

More complex codings can be made with the formula operator or the merge tables operator.

Steps to use the special formats




In TIS Editor prepare the data.
In the Portlet Designer create a Simple Grid or an Editable Grid

Select column

In the Portlet Designer select a column on the right hand side of the window:

Select format

Select format:

Clicking the Button will add a special format

Causes the column to be formatted differently


  • Special formats are removed by pressing the symbol.
  • Special formats can be combined. The following example shows traffic lights and trend used in one column.

Standard special format types

Predefined special format types




Traffic light 1

Results in a coding of 0 = red traffic light.

Traffic light 2

Results in a coding of 2 = red traffic light.

Trend (0-4)

Results in a coding trends (0 = strongest)

State (0-Error, 1-OK)

Hide zero values

Generic special format types



Select the action for a generic element

Select special format GENERIC and the

e.g. add action change of foreground colour

Conditional color - Example

The following settings:


Conditional formatting selection of icon

You can choose from a large set of existing icons or upload your own icons (needs administrative rights).

Generate Hyperlinks (Link) in Grids

Grids do not support HTML hyperlinks such as <a href="https://blabla.bla">Link</a>.

Note that this kind of markup works in the TIS Editor details view.



Add a new special format type

Click (plus) icon for adding

Select Action

Convert entry to link

Link Text

text that is shown in the grid

From / To

range of strings that will be converted to a link.

E.g. for web links use "http" as From and "httpx" as To

Change foreground or background color of a whole row



Select Action

New options

  • Change row foreground color
  • Change row background color