The TIS table properties can be viewed by left clicking a TIS Table or by right clicking it and clicking on properties.

In the "Properties" section you are able to rename you table and see where it is being used.

You are also able to see who created it and when it was created and a lot more. 

In the "Content" section you are able to see a brief preview of the table.

Note that it is just a preview and that when there are too many rows it will stop showing them at a certain point.

In the "Permission" section you can manage the permissions of the table. You are able to add a permission by clicking on the plus that is circled red in the picture. After clicking it a window will pop up where you can set permissions.

Note: If you want to add "Write" permission to a table for a regular user (e.g., user that has no 'DataAdmin' role), you also need to add "Read" and "Write" permissions to the folder above it (folder that contains the table) for that user. You also need to enable inheritance in order to access tables within that folder.