It is possible to (manually) create links to build e.g. a table of content in HTML texts. HTML texts are used e.g. in:

  • HTML Portlets
  • Tiles
  • Page headers


  • Please consider user permissions, i.e. whether different users have the rights to visit the page you build links to.
  • Please encode URL's (see below)

URL Encoding

Page names (not the address!) often contain characters that are not allowed to be used directly and have to be encoded.
There are nice tools to encode the name of a page, e.g.

Links to external

When building a link to Using TIS Board

the text in HTML is (using the keyword _blank it goes to a new page)

<a target="_blank" href="https://confluence.ximes.com/display/TISDOC6/Using%2Bthe%2BTIS%2BBoard%0A"> Using TIS-Board</a>

Links to
TIS Pages

TIS Pages are referenced in the following way using the #openPageByName command (and using the keyword _top staying in the tab of the page):

<a target="_top" href="https://www.yourserver.com/yournet/TISBoard/portal/portal/#openPageByName:Your%20Page%20Name">Text to be shown</a>

Resources kann be addressed with double square brackets. E.g. ( [[Wartung]]) for stable links:

... #openPageByName:%5B%5BWartung%5D%5D