Data Nodes in TIS Editor can be used to control properties of Portlets in TIS Board.


  1. In the portlet designer enter an identfier in the name field of the portlet you want to influence

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not the name how the portlet is stored or another caption and has to be unique
  2. Create manually or dynamically a node in the editor with three TEXT-Columns
    and asign values etc. accordingly 
    1. First coilumn enter ID used above
    2. Second column use one of the following values in the TEXT Column
    3. Third column (again a Text Column)
      enter values
    • Add the operator and select columns accordingly
    • Decide whether also the master portlet should be effected by such changes
      (e.g. you might want to see the portlet in any case or you might not)

    Decription of operator: TIS Board - Adjust Portlet

    See also "Reload page layout" property of Controller (Portlet).