Chart: Histogram Time Pattern

Select the "Chart" operation: Chart: Histogram Time Pattern
Remark: This is only possible if the underlying data allows to add a chart operator.
You can override this by unchecking the box under the list of operations to see the complete list of operations.

Allocate data fields

A chart operator does not work without the following fields:
Value y axis
By using the "Identifier", it is possible to draw more than one data line in one chart.

Select graph drawing method

Two methods are available:
Connecting data points with straight lines
Connecting data points with stepped horizontal lines

Selecting the formatting and scaling options of the axes and title

Remark: The horizontal range is defined by "unit per interval" times "number of intervals.

Colour scheme

Several schemes are available

Diagram layout

Defines the height and width of the diagram to your needs

Scale formatting

Various formatting options and orientations are available

Line colour and line with

To change line colour and line with, select the data column and pick the colour box and the corresponding line weight.