Displays time raster data as a histogram in TIS Editor. To show a chart in TIS Board, one of the TISBoard chart operators, e.g., TIS Board - EJSChart 3.0 or TIS Board - EJSChart Histogram 2.0,  have to be used instead.

E.g. Show the average number of employees present on certain days of the week at certain times of the day.

Example: Create Histogram Time Pattern


Operation setting


Tip: Formatting options available under "Settings".

TIS Project

Confluence Op Chart_Histogram Time Pattern.gzip

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Showing histogram chart for selected time pattern data.

Columns of input table



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Related topics

Format: Chart tips (old Wiki)

Basics: Grafik operations (old Wiki).

This operation is often used to further process the results of Scaling 7.0 or Pivot table time x weekdays 2.0.

See also How to format a chart in TIS Editor.