This operator fetches the content of a TIS table into the data nodes.

Getting Started

This operator allows reading a TIS table from user defined folders or with user defined table names.
The definition of the folder and the table name are defined via a parameter and eventually with in the [TIS]Board.

Define a parameter for your folder and/or your table name.

Go to General Parameter for Operations and create parameters with Data Type "Text". Define a value for each parameter.

Read TIS table 3.0

The input Manual_TT#XI.TISPar('Read Folder')# reads the TIS Table from a subfolder of the folder "Manual_TT" with the name which was defined in the parameters.
The table name can also be a simple name or a parameter definition – like in the example: #XI.TISPar('Read Table')#


Like importing data from SQL you can choose which data should be read from the TIS table:
Select: Choose only the columns you need with the respective column number C0, C1 …
Where: Define which data in a column should be imported only. Define for each necessary column an ID number starting with 0. Then define in the field "Parameter for Where" the values for each ID.
Order by: The sorting of imported data can be user defined. For that the column numbers can be typed into the field "Order by". If more than one column is applied, use comma as separator. By standard data is sorted ascending. If your data should be sorted descending, type "desc" after der column number.

Avoiding empty Tables

As of version 5.8 empty tables can be avoided by selecting the option. In case an empty table would be returned a defined warning appears instead of the table.

Using Parameters for 'Where'

As of version 5.8 parameters can be used to define the 'where' in Read TIS Tables.
This filters all data with the value of the parameter in column c1.


As of Version 5.10 a selection can be made DISTINCT


Start from Version 5.16 a timeout for the query execution can be specified. Default is 30 sec. 0 deactivates the timeout.

Result type

Following options are available

  • Table content: returns the content of the specified TIS table
  • Information about table structure: returns the meta information of the specified TIS table, having a row for each column.

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This operator fetches the content of a TIS table into the data nodes.




Frequent Cause


Error: Cannot read TIS Table

Path is incorrect

Check Table path (e.g., has PATH Parameter been changed)

Error: Cannot read TIS Table

Operation settings "Order by" are wrong (e.g., it looks for 2 columns but your TIS Table has only 1)

Check settings and number of columns in your TIS Table, and adapt settings if necessary

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