You might to print many crosstabs in stimulsoft (stacked or nested crosstabs) - but the number depends on the data and is not known in advance.
E.g. Users might define tables with calcuLektor Modellierungsassistent


  1. Produce a long result table with all the the tables and values.

    In stimulsoft screen-shots below this list is called: Settings

  2. Produce a second result table with Identifizierer Auspr├Ągungen to have a list of table names

    In stimulsoft screen-shots below this list is called: TabellenListe


  • Also store row & column-number in the long result table to make it easier to sort things out 
  • Decide the data type. It might be necessary to convert to string.

Step Relation

In data-source:

Step Table Names

Produce the Band for the table names:

and switch on the setting to print even if there is no data:

Step crosstab

  1. Add a databand and bind it to the databand before:
  2. Add a crosstab
    and bind it with RELATION to the databand before
    IMPORTANT: this has to be in the the definiton of the crosstab (not in the one of the databand)

Enjoy (and then
format properly)