Task 1

Create a chart visualizing the monthly distribution of worktime, sick leaves and holidays for a given set of working data and put that chart on your first TIS Board page.

Input data node:   A01 [>] working time


Operator / Portlet



Combined date and time into one column

Convert "From-Date/From-Time/To-Time"

2 columns "From" "To"

Compute working hours per duty

Formula operator: Date and Time

column "Hours"

Scale to monthly data

Scaling 8.0

Compute monthly percentages of account

As a percentage 4.0

column "Percentage"

Prepare the result for EJS chart (column Month)

Formula operator (row-by-row) (4.0) = Formeloperator, Sort Rows, General Calendar

column "Month"

Create an EJS chart

TIS Board - EJSChart 3.0

TIS Board operators

Create your first page in TIS Board


Create an EJS chart portlet and format it

EJS Chart (Portlet)

Add portlet to your first TIS Board page