This portlet allows to display text and to create links to other pages. It is not connected to any data node. 

It is available as pre-configured portlet in the "Administration" folder.




Place the Tile on the page

Go to "Select a Portlet", choose "Admin: Tiles" in the Administration folder and click "Add it!".

Format the Tile

Click the editing button
Define the height of the portlet and the background colour. You can write a text in the top line, in the middle line and in the bottom line. For each line you can choose a different color. You can also choose a pre-set color in the top.

A simple Tile

This is the tile we have designed in the step above.

Creating links

To place a link in the Tile choose a page in the Settings window on the left.

The tile is now linked with the chosen page.

Remove link to page

Right mouse button click for context menu and remove page link.

Example with several Tiles

A good use of tiles is to provide an overview on the homepage. If you have several Tiles it can be helpful to use different colors and header tiles without links, like in the example below.

The yellow Tiles are headers describing the Tiles below them and are not linked to a page. The Tiles below do link to a page.

Example Tiles design

HTML can be usesd to design Tiles with different fonts, sizes and colors.

<br><p style="text-indent:1em;"><font face="Verdana">1) Tabellenstruktur einstellen</font></p><p style="text-indent:2.5em;"><font face="Verdana" size="2em;" color="6E6E6E">Define table structure</font></p>

Using HTML codes for symbols

Symbols can be added to Tiles by using HTML codes. E.g.
" I will display ✈"
will generate the following Tile.

A full list of HTML codes can be found at
General punctuation:
Currency symbols:
Letterlike Symbols
Arrows: oder
Mathematical Operations:
Geometric Shapes:
Misc Symbols:
 &#8680 will display as ⇨

Do not use fonts that are only supported by some browsers, e.g. windings 

Using different font sizes

Using just the top line and the bottom line with a suitable font size creates nice Tiles:

Top line: <font size=6>
Bottom line: <font size=2>

Duplicating Tiles

Tiles can be duplicated by using the "Duplicate Portlet" button in the editing mode.

This makes it easier if you have to create multiple Tiles in the same style.

Default design

The following is the default set of colors.

 Automatically created Tiles

All folders automatically create Tiles for their pages and for their first level subfolders, e.g.:

When referring to pages: Titles and subtitles correspond to titles and subtitles of page

When referring to first level subfolders: Titles correspond to titles of subfolders.

Using special characters

The easiest way is to use icons (<img>-Tag)

NOTE: Oracle does not store Unicode, so it has to be repaired after each change. PostgreSQL does store Unicode. Make sure you know the database you use.

If you work with Unicode ⇦ ⇨ ⇧ ⇩ ⬄ ⇳ ⬀ ⬁ ⬂ ⬃
Please select the symbols for IE as IE has the smallest set of such symbols. E.g., &#8680;  for ⇨

See for details: BugFLEX-951 - so schauen die Überschriften mit Firefox aus, Closed

Trigger controller portlets

If checked then all Controller (Portlet) are triggered before navigation to specified page.

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