This portlet allows to upload data via TIS Board. The uploaded data can be a resource for new calculations.

The uploaded files are stored in the Data Management of the TIS Editor.




Prepare in TIS Editor

Create a new empty data node, add an operation and choose TIS Board.

Choose the operator TIS Board - Upload file 1.0 and define the folder name and the file name. Both can also referenced by a parameter.
Then choose the option if a file may be overwritten, which file extensions are allowed and the maximum size of the file.

Create a Portlet in Portlet Designer and place it on the page in TIS Board.


You can choose whether the description and the file info should be displayed. Additionally a confirmation information can be shown.

In place text edit mode

You can activate the "In place text edit mode" which shows the file content in the portlet and maybe edited or replaced without having a locally stored file.