TIS Board operator for the Editable Grid Portlet and the Editable EJS Chart Portlet. Delivers data from a TIS Table to the portlet.

Data can be served in segments, if the TIS Table contains data of different users. Segments are defined in the Segment expression. A segment expression is defined using a subset of the syntax of the TIS Filter syntax where only some operators are included. E.g. @UserName@ == #XI.TISPar('UserNameTIS')#



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Reads the content of an editable data table.


Example: Read editable data table


A TIS Table has been created as editable data table (see TIS Board - Generate editable data table 4.0) and is to be displayed in TIS Board.


Create an empty node, add the operator TIS Board - Editable Grid 7.0- and enter the previously generated TIS Table using the brows menu or enter it manually.

If you want to connect to an Editable EJS Chart Portlet, you have to check "Display row number".

After pressing "Save operation" you will see the table that you selected in you data node.

Now we need to open the "TIS Board". This can be done by clicking on the "TIS Board" checkbox.

Now a blue plus sign should pop up.

Please click on the plus sign to create a new portlet.

After connecting to the "TIS Board" please select you project then your data source then the presentation method you need. I would recommend "Editable Grid" but it depends on the table.

Now click on apply.





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