The TIS Board operator for the  HTML portlet.

  •  It makes editing a page with HTML in the TIS Board possible and the results come back into TIS Editor. Saves the content of an HTML portlet in the node.



Useful Tipps

Build a table of content

Table of contents and links in TIS Board

Include pictures

Snippet for creating tables:

Aufbau Formeloperator:
Spalte HTML - Datentyp Text

/* Fester Vorspann */ (rowNumber == 0 ? ( "<tableX border='1'" + " bordercolor='#E8E8E8' cellpadding='5' cellspacing='0' width='100%'>" + 
/*Anpassen Spaltenzahl */ "<colgroupX> <col width='30%' align='left'> <col width='20%' align='right'>"
+ "<col width='20%' align='left'> <col width='30%' align='left'> </colgroupX>" + "<thead bgcolor='#C0C0C0'><tr>" +
/*Anpassen Spaltenköpfe */ "<th>Name Eingabewert</th><th align='right'>Wert</th><th>Einheit</th><th>Anmerkungen </th></tr></thead>") : "") +
"<trX bgcolor='#FFFFFF'>" + /* ZEILENAUFBAU */ "<trX>" + "<tdX>" + #Eingabe# + "" + "</tdX>" +
"<tdX align='right'>" + #Wert# + "" + "</tdX>" + "<tdX>" + #Einheit# + "" + "</tdX>" + "<tdX>" +
(XIH.IsNull("Anmerkung") || #Anmerkung# =="" ? "-" : #Anmerkung#) + "" + "</trX>" + /* ZEILENABSCHLUSS */ (rowNumber == rows-1 ? ("</tableX>") : "")

Finalisieren I

Danach mit Operator Spalteninhalt verketten die einzelnen Zeilen zu einer Zelle zusammenfassen. Am Schluss mit 2. Formeloperator Steuerungszeichen austauschen (Ergebnisytp Boolean)

XIH.SetString("HTML", #HTML#.Replace("tableX", "table")) &&
XIH.SetString("HTML", #HTML#.Replace("trX", "tr")) &&
XIH.SetString("HTML", #HTML#.Replace("tdX", "td"))&&
XIH.SetString("HTML", #HTML#.Replace("colgroupX", "colgroup"))

Finalisieren II

und überflüssige Spalten außer Spalte HTML löschen

Want to learn more?

Saves the content of an HTML portlet in the node.


Example: HTML page


This example shows you how to use the "TIS Board - HTML operator"


The first step is to add the operator into a new node.

Then Click on the checkbox "TIS Board"on the top left corner.

Now a blue plus should pop up.

Click on the blue plus and you will connect to the TIS Board.

After loading please select your node then select HTML and then click on apply.


Project File



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