This portlet displays a grid with data from a TIS Table. It allows to edit the data in the TIS Table, e.g., to change values, to add or delete rows, or to change the order of the rows. Data can also be copied into the editable grid from Excel (see Copying Data between Excel and TIS Board).

The following figure depicts the communication between TIS Editor, the TIS Table, and the TIS Board for this portlet. In TIS Editor, two data nodes are involved, one (init node) writes a TIS Table with the Generate editable data table 4.0 operator and the other (read node) applies the Read editable data table 5.0 operator to read the TIS Table. The Editable Grid Portlet reads the data from the TIS Table and modifies the TIS Table directly.

Conflicts can occur when the table is edited by both, the Generate editable data table operation of the init node in TIS Editor and by the Editable Grid. In particular, when the init node is set to Automatic update (see Update process between data nodes), changes in an ancestor of the init nodes triggers the operation which overwrites data entered from the Editable Grid Portlet. Also, the operation can be triggered by an event from TIS Board, e.g., in order to create a new TIS Table with some user's name on Logon. The following options deal with this problem.

  • Set parameter "Create only new table" in Generate editable data table 4.0 operator to true: The TIS Table can never be overwritten by the Generate editable data table operation.
  • Set Update option in init node to "Manually": Changes from the Editable Grid Portlet can only be overwritten manually.
  • Set Update option in init node to "Fixed": No changes can be made from either TIS Editor or the Editable Grid (changes in the Grid will be lost).




Prepare in TIS Editor

Step 1

Prepare the initial table for the editable grid in a data node (init node) in TIS Editor and write it to a TIS Table with the operator TIS Board - Generate editable data table 4.0.

Enter a folder and a name for the TIS Table (can be a parameter) and check the option "Create only new table" if you do not want this operation to overwrite the table.

Set the Update option to "Manually" if "Create only new table" was left unchecked and you do not want the table to update automatically (hence overwrite changes from the Editable Grid). The table can still be updated manually (changes overwritten).

Prepare in TIS Editor

Step 2

Create an empty data node (read node) and add the operator TIS Board - Read editable data table 5.0.

Enter the folder and name of the TIS Table created in Step 1.

Prepare in TIS Editor

Step 3

Switch on the symbol for TIS Board connection in the read node.

Create in Portlet Designer

Step 1

Create a Portlet, choose the TIS Editor project and the read node created previously, select Editable Grid portlet.

Create in Portlet Designer

Step 2

Save portlet

Edit in Portlet Designer

See Description in Formatting and Working with Portlets and Conditional Formatting for Grids.

Do not forget to save whenever you have edited something.

The result is something like this:

Please note that you can navigate with tabs and cursor.

Save and close

Save the changes of this Portlet and close it in the Portlet Designer.


The Controller Portlet allows to manage the update and retrieval of data from an editable grid.
Boolean values in the Portlet are represented by checkboxes.


If you want to have an empty table that should be filled by the user from the Editable Grid do the following:

  1. Create a table with the columns you need with their respective data type and no rows.
  2. Create the Editable Grid. Rows can be added using the Add button

See section Settings below for additional options.



<font size="1">
<li>Hinweis: Symbole werden oft erst sichtbar, wenn die Maus im entsprechenden Bereich ist.
</li><li>Eingabe Weg 1 für Tabellen: <img src="./res/silk/add.gif">&nbsp;fügt&nbsp;
neue Zeilen ein (rechts oben im jeweiligen Portlet) -&nbsp;<a style="target-new: tab;" href=";v=Yc1Ub4UiljU" target="_blank">Videoanleitung</a>.
</li><li>Eingabe Weg 2 für Tabellen: Kopieren Sie mit <img src="./res/silk/script_edit.gif"> bis zu 2000 Zeilen (dauert ca. 2 Minuten) mit Copy/Paste auf einmal hinein. - <a style="target-new: tab;" href="" target="_blank">Videoanleitung</a>
</li><li>Bitte drücken Sie danach das&nbsp;<b>Symbol&nbsp;</b><img src="./res/silk/Disk.gif">&nbsp;rechts oben in diesem Fenster, um die Daten auf den Server zu übertragen.&nbsp;<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);"><i>Die gelbe Kopfzeile im Fenster symbolisiert, dass Daten eingegeben aber noch nicht übertragen wurden!


<font size="1">
<li>Tip: Move your mouse over the portlet to make icons apear.
</li><li>Path 1: <img src="./res/silk/add.gif">&nbsp;fügt&nbsp;add new rows -&nbsp;<a style="target-new: tab;" href=";v=Yc1Ub4UiljU" target="_blank">Videoanleitung</a>.
</li><li>Path 2: Copy <img src="./res/silk/script_edit.gif"> up to 2000 rows (approx. 1 minute) with Copy/Paste. - <a style="target-new: tab;" href="" target="_blank">Videoanleitung</a>
</li><li>To save the data press &nbsp;<b>Symbol&nbsp;</b><img src="./res/silk/Disk.gif">&nbsp;top right of the portlet.&nbsp;<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);"><i>If the top of the portlet is yellow then data is not saved so fare.

Shortcuts and keyboard control

See also Keyboard Shortcuts

Data Type





DD → 21.01.2018

using today's date



HH → 03:00


HH:MM → 03:20


Want to learn more?


Column description

A data column a description can be given that appears as a tool tip in the TIS Board.

Forced Line Break

If Force Line Break option is activated then lines wrap at the column's width. If not activated then long lines show ellipsis (...) at the end in order to fit the column's width.

Newline control characters in the input string ((char)10) are always converted to a line break, that is <br/> in HTML.

Combo Boxes (static list)

Combo Box allow the inputs of predefined values.
Prepare a table that should be edited:

In this grid users should only type in their age group.
In the TIS Designer choose the column and go to the column properties and choose "Static combo"

Click on Edit Static Combo Values, so that a new window opens:

Define the values that can be chosen and the text that should be displayed.
Finally the user can only choose the predefined values:

Combo box (dynamic list)

TIS Board - Dynamic selection for Editable Grid provides data for selection.

Radio Buttons

This is the functionality if two columns with true/false values exclude each other (e.g. male/female)
Prepare a table with the two or more columns. In the TIS Designer mark the first column (e.g. male) and go to the Column Properties. There choose a group, which defines which columns belong together.

Now repeat this step for the second column (e.g. female).
Now in the Editable Grid only one of the two columns can be chosen.

Automatically or manually Save

Users can choose if data is automatically sent to the database or if it is sent only at clicking the save button.
This settings can be made in the Portlet Designer.

The standard setting is "automatically". The advantage of manual sending the data is that several inputs in the Editable Grid can be done quicker.
Sending the data to the database must not be mixed up with saving the table.

Default Values

Default values can be defined for new rows in the Portlet Designer.

Static Combo

Content that will be pasted via copy/paste will be checked if there is a static combo in one of the columns.

General Properties



Keep column titles

Column titles are not editable and are defined by the data node respectively TIS table.

NOTE: If there are some edited column titles and this option is set, then it is necessary to save the portlet and reload it into the Portlet Designer otherwise the column titles will not be reset to the default.

BugFLEX-428 - Editable Grid keep column titles Closed

Banded rows

Alternating show rows with background color white and grey for better readability.

Show Row Number

Additional column with row numbers is shown.

Show filter bar

Displays an extra bar string filtering case-insensitive.

NOTE: You must save changes before the next filter.

StoryFLEX-96 - Filter-Zeile für Grids (Geburtstagsliste) Closed
BugFLEX-2823 - Filter funktionieren nicht, wenn Spaltencaption eine Zahl ist Closed

Permit add rows

Allow adding rows. The add icon is shown in the tool bar.

Permit delete rows

Allow deleting rows. The delete icon is shown in the tool bar.

Send data only when saving

See above Automatically or manually Save

Enable selection mode

Hides the tool bar and show a button for saving in the bottom.

StoryFLEX-96 - Filter-Zeile für Grids (Geburtstagsliste) Closed




Frequent Cause


Editable Grid does not work

Instead of the retrieval node, the fill node has the property

Switch on the other node

Several operations follow immediately after Retrieval

Make additional nodes to separate the operations

Cannot edit Editable Grid

Portlet designer is open and portlet is not saved

Save the portlet

User rights are not properly set in TIS Board

Obtain the necessary rights

Also see Conditional Formatting for Grids.